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Orthodontics: Don't Try This at Home

At Salinas Smiles Family Dentistry, we know how much of a difference cosmetic orthodontic work makes in patients’ lives. It is, therefore, distressing to us to read about how many people are trying to realign their own teeth through unprofessional methods. While we understand the impulse, there are several reasons why this is unwise.

The latest DIY orthodontics fad started last year when a story began circulating about somebody 3D printing their own aligners. Our Invisalign patients know that we schedule appointments six weeks apart, but this is not because we are extending treatment to get more money. Moving teeth requires the jaw bone to constantly dissolve and rebuild. Without sufficient time to do so, the long-term integrity of the jaw bone will be compromised, potentially leaving teeth weaker and even more out of place.

Without sufficient time to do so, the long-term integrity of the jaw bone will be compromised

Methods which have been around longer are meant to approximate the effects of braces by binding teeth with elastic bands or thread. This is dangerous: excessive pressure risks strangling the teeth’s living tissue and pushing them too far. Without brackets, it is also possible for bindings to get lost under the patient’s gum line, though the patient may assume the binding fell off and not have it extracted.

If you are dissatisfied with your smile, ask us about our Invisalign and 6 Month Smiles treatments. We can work on payment plans; having to reverse unprofessional orthodontics will be much more expensive. To schedule an appointment, call (831) 424-4230.